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About us

Founders of Kiddiroo, an online toy store dedicated to sourcing unique children's toys and gifts
Kiddiroo is both an online store as well as a shop based in Tarleton, Preston, West Lancashire.  We are a family run business and have been running online since October 2008. We moved into a shop in June 2011.  We sell traditional children's toys and gifts as well as Christening and Naming Day Ceremony outfits.  We also have our very own photography studio specialising in children and family portraits.  Our final piece in the jigsaw are our baby hand and feet castings in marble and bronze.  A truly treasured momento of your baby.
We thought you would like to know a little bit about Kiddiroo and who are the driving forces behind it. Kiddiroo is run by two mums from Lancashire; Jane Ramones and Kirsty Kenyon. Kirsty and Jane are sister-in-laws and have 5 children of their own. Kirsty is also a trained primary school teacher, so they are the perfect combination when it comes to helping you decide which toys, gifts and accessories are best for you and your children. Being mums themselves is a valuable asset and Jane and Kirsty will be there to give you online educational and practical hints and tips and make recommendations to you, based on their professional and personal experiences.
Hi. I’m Jane. That’s me on the left. I have a son called Joseph who is 6 years old and a daughter called Olivia who is 3 years old. I have had a varied career so far; from working on a Casino Ship in Florida to preparing Court Cases for criminal clients, however, out of all of my jobs, nothing prepared me for being a mother; a job in its own right, which gets very little recognition.  Kirsty and I came up with Kiddiroo whilst I was on maternity leave with Joseph and slowly tearing my hair out. Not only did I need something to focus on other than dirty nappies and preparing the latest puree, but we felt that something was severely lacking in the toy market on the high street. I really struggled to find toys and gifts which were different and of good quality. I found myself being pushed into buying the same products as my friends as there was nothing else on offer. It was just a matter of course. The only time I managed to get something different was when friends or family brought gifts back from their holidays abroad. There were plenty of plastic toys out there, but they ended up costing me more in the long run as they needed replacing more often, which wasn’t great, especially during these financially trying times.  It was time to take action!
Hi I'm Kirsty. I trained as a teacher at Edgehill in Lancashire and then settled here when I married my husband. I taught at a primary school in Preston for 6 years and loved it. I knew that being a trained teacher and a mum (to Dylan, now 10, and Ellie now 7 and Mia 4) would be perfect for Kiddiroo. Why not share my knowledge with millions of other mums. Jane and I both had different ideas of where we wanted Kiddiroo to go and how we were going to be different. Now that Dylan was at school, we were on the seemingly endless trail of birthday parties and school events and I soon saw that everyone seemed to be turning up at these with the same sorts of presents; gifts from a department store or supermarket. I wanted to be able to buy something a little different from the rest, something that wasn't too expensive but would also provide an educational theme for the recipient. When choosing products to sell at Kiddiroo, I automatically look for the educational value in an item, whether it is to support learning in some way or to aid dexterity in physical skills. I remain passionate about education but am also aware of the need to structure play in a way that children do not feel they are constantly being pushed to 'do work.'
Meet the Rest of the Team
Accounts Manager - Andrew   

Andrew - Business Development  

A qualified primary school teacher, he started the first company in the UK doing live teaching over the internet, before the company was taken over.  For the last 5 years Andrew has been the Operations Director, with overall management responsibility for the running of an independent residential school for children and adults with Autism. Andrew now leads our business and strategic development.

Kiddiroo marketing  

Marketing – Emma – AdHoc PR 

 Emma is pro active in ensuring that as many people as possible hear about the fantastic things that happen here at Kiddiroo. Contact her at

Overseas clients for Kiddiroo   

Overseas Clients – Cornelius

Cornelius deals with all overseas enquiries, ranging from stock to postal charges. Contact him at

Sales, stock control and purchasing   

David - Finance Manager and Stock Control  

David is responsible for overseeing the finances, contracts and invoices of the company and keeping check of stock levels. Contact him at


Kiddiroo customer services   

Customer Services – Jeanne

Jeanne is the one who is on hand to answer all other enquiries. She will also put you in touch with the correct person if you are not sure who you need. Contact her at

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